I always pictured us sitting at a train station, sitting on a bench, in the middle of the city.

I had nowhere to go, but you were everywhere at once.

You came back from another station.

I always saved the seat next to me, because I’d know you’d come back.

You always took the train back to sit next to me.

But I knew one day the time would come

When I would wait for you to come back

And I’d see the train arrive

And you would be at another station

Sitting next to someone else.

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Hey all,

I’ve decided I’m going to take a long hiatus, and eventually delete my account from Tumblr. I realized if I don’t quit this time, I’m never going to leave. I’m more than happy to share contact information with people I’ve talked to over the past few years. By the end of this week, I’ll stop logging on.

Thank you to everyone I’ve met on this website. I’ve always known that the best type of friends are ones that can make you smile from hundreds of miles away.

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CS Lewis: To love at all (x)

Well this made me cry

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i’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is

— people who benefit from the way it is and do not want to change it anytime soon and aren’t sorry at all (via finedineonmyvegangenitalia)

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Leonard McCoy would have you know he’s a doctor, okay?

KIRK: “You keep saying that. Are you a doctor, or aren’t you?” (2.01)

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plot twist


plot twist

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"Why would you have so many email accounts?"


Well, Mom, it’s like this…

You’ve got:
-school email
-professional email
-email you started in 8th grade and still embarrassingly use
-porn/spam email
-email for that 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) extra blog/video game account login
-that fake professional email you give people when you don’t want to actually give them your contact info

It’s just infinite, the explanations.

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It’s Freaky Friday…

Portrait of Insanity, by Raymund Lee.

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we’ve made eye contact at least twice this month just date me already

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You know I bet Spock got to the new universe and young Spock mentioned Jim cheating on the Kobayashi Maru and Spock Prime was just like “dammit Jim every goddamn universe”

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